El Bosque, Nicaragua

El Bosque is the beautiful farm from Julio Peralta in the Dipilto & Jalapa mountain range north of San Fernando. It is located very close to 2 of the other Peralta farms; Santa Maria de Lourdes and Samaria. The farm stretches out over 3 long hillsides, of which one goes up quite high. The farm plot on top is named ‘Las Nubes’ of ‘The Clouds’. From here you can look into the valley and on a clear day see everything from Honduras to Tabacco farms to the oldest city in Nueva Segovia; Cuidad Antigua.

Julio was one of the first to innovate on the wetmill equipment, making efficient use of the possibilities to process clean washed coffees and develop honey processing for the micro lots. At this moment you can find a large variety of flavours coming from El Bosque. The farm has 42Ha of coffee and a staggering 112Ha of the mountain area, making the farm very rich in biodiversity.

El Bosque Farmers

Maintaining this beautiful piece of nature is not only important for the flora and fauna but also to provide shade for the coffee and keeping the soil healthy. The farm is certified Rainforest Alliance and grows Yellow Catuai, Red Catuai, Java and Caturra.

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