About Us

Tucked away in a quiet street of Amsterdam’s busy city centre, Sweet Cup is a no-frills escape from the bustle. Our core ethos is simple: an excellent cup of coffee. We believe that goes far beyond just a caffeine fix.

Our mission is to let the coffee do the talking. We want to share what makes coffee so incredible. So come on over, let your hair down and let’s talk coffee.

It all begins with high-quality sourcing. We work hard to get our hands on the best coffee beans all year round. Specialty coffee starts with the farm: the perfect crop, the perfect harvest, the perfect bean. We look for fruity, nutty, and floral tones – ones that we highlight by our in-house roasting and brewing techniques.

Paul roasts everything in-house from his years of experience fine-tuning his technique. Each bean is a different symphony that varies by the type of origin, process, and varietal. Every day we continue to experiment and learn.

If you want to add something sweet to your cup, indulge in one of Lisa’s daily treats: home-baked brownies, banana bread, cookies or croissants. So there is something for everyone and even some extra options on the weekend too.

Are you a business or master home brewer? Find all of our speciality coffees online or drop by the shop –we’d be glad to help you out.